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Hello ! I'm Demolir and this is my first post on Itch.io !

So it might sound a little "cliché" so ... i'll just go straight to the presentation of the game.

HOWDY ! It's me, Demo, Demo the Devlopper... and i present to you : UNDERGAMES(64).

This is a (very) small partygame (well it's more of a prototype right now) in which you can play various (only one) minigames using the characters of UNDERTALE.

So first of all i'd like to say that I don't own the rights to the characters and assets used in this small game : they are created by Toby Fox and because i respect his job I made my researches before using them, yes he is okay with people using his textures and musics (since many people have already made a ton of fanmade games about Undertale...)

Why did I made this game ?

I made it for the #LOWREZJAM2016 (Go check it out, some games are awesome !) and I know i'm probably (about 99% sure) not gonna "win" this jam. Still ! It was really funny to make a game in 64*64 resolution with the little i know about Unity and i'm sure i'll remember this after my studies

What is your game about ?

Well, as I said before, it's a Minigame in which you have to be the fastest to shoot. You can play against a computer or against a friend (or yourself ... if you want to know if you're faster with your left hand for exemple)

How do I play your game ?

You simply just can't ... this extreme piece of art requires a lot of skill ...

It's easy ! It's a kind of "One Button" Gameplay and here are the controls


Select your character with Q and D and press A to confirm

In game, your shoot button is A and you shall press it once the "GO" symbol pops in.

Aaaaaaand... that's it !


Select your character with K and M and press I to confirm

In game, your shoot button is I and you shall press it before the other player if you want to win !

You can press A after a game to change characters and you can also press E to restart a game with the current settings (Players and Characters)

Lastly you can press F11 to make the screen bigger (no need to thank me ;) )

I guess that's all i had to say :) try it and have fun !

KNOWN ISSUE : You need to take "Fantastic Graphics" in the launcher otherwise the game will look awful and you won't be able to recognize anything.

Published Apr 17, 2016
Tags64pixels, LOWREZJAM, partygame, undertale
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

To install the game simply unzip the file named "Undergames(64).zip" and that's it !

Launch "Undergames.exe" and you're ready to go.


Undergames(64).zip 45 MB

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